Internet and Mobile Tariffs and Comparison in Italy

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Looking for a Mobile Phone or Internet Plan in Italy? Foreign IBANs accepted

Our English-speaking Selectra advisors are here to help you find the right plan.

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How to activate mobile and internet plans in Italy

Getting connected and being able to communicate is important when you move to any new country, and Italy is no different. Our guides explain how to set up the Internet and phone service when you move to Italy.

Telecommunications Providers in Italy and their comparison

The four main providers active in the mobile phone and Internet markets in Italy are Fastweb (foreign IBANs accepted), Vodafone, Tim, and WindTre. Fastweb and WindTre offer both internet and mobile phone plans. All four providers have their phone and internet infrastructure, and coverage is fairly similar.

Documents you may need for internet and mobile activations

Looking for a Mobile Phone or Internet Plan in Italy?

Our English-speaking Selectra advisors are here to help you find the right internet and mobile plan. Foreign IBANs accepted.

Phone guide

First of all, we recommend buying an Italian sim card for your smartphone. You can do it with our operators and then you will receive the sim card at your house a few days later.

This is very important because for many household contracts the providers request an Italian phone number.

Italian smartphones, like the rest of Europe, operate on the GSM cellular network. Whether you are just visiting Italy or settling in the country, unlocking your phone, and ensuring it's GSM compatible so that you can use it in Italy with an Italian SIM card is a handy and cost-efficient means of communication.

Internet Guide

It’s very easy to install the Internet in your new house with the help of our technicians. These are the best offers that we recommend to you.

Top 3 Home Wi Fi Internet Offers
Provider Information Promo
Offerta TIM super fibra
Fastweb NeXXt
27,95 €/month
Internet connection to 2.5 Gbps, free unlimited calls and free modem. 

 5€ discount with the mobile offer 

Offerta WindTre Super Fibra

WindTre Super Fibra
25,99 €/month

Unlimited Internet Wi-Fi, unlimited free calls and modem included.

12 months Amazon Prime Video included

Offerta Vodafone Internet Unlimited
Vodafone Unlimited
24,90 €/month
Unlimited internet, unlimited free calls, modem included. 6 months Now TV Cinema included

In general, for the activation of the line, you have to wait about 15 business days. Nice to know that if you haven’t already installed the router a technician will have to come to your house to install it.

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