Moving to Italy: how to activate Energy and Gas home Offers

subscribe to an Italian energy offersubscribe to an Italian energy offer

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subscribe to an Italian energy offersubscribe to an Italian energy offer

Moving to Italy?

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Moving to Italy
Moving to Italy

Italy is a wonderful place to live, becoming absorbed by its culture, history, and arts. Moving home is often tiring but once you have completed the difficult side is over, right? Selectra will help you understand everything you need to do and know in regard to the home’s utilities. Now stop stressing and start living your new adventure in Italy!

Welcome to your new house in Italy

After moving house, the first things you should check in your new home are the utilities: electricity, gas and internet connection. You should locate your gas and electricity meters or ask your agency or landlord to show it to you.

Selectra is here to help you figure out the best offers for your house in just a few minutes! 

Documents you may need for internet and mobile activations

Want to subscribe to an Italian offer or service?

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Find out who is your energy supplier and start the comparison for the best offer to activate

Normally, your new home will already have an energy supplier, however, in Italy, you can switch it at any moment. 

The first step is finding out who currently supplies gas and electricity to your home. This information is useful to get the best tariff on the market.

You should also check who will be your local energy distributor, who is in charge of technical emergencies. You cannot change your distributor but it’s still important to know who to contact in case of a service issue. Normally numbers of distributors are also available on your bills.

Getting your home connected: meters activations and switches

Be ready on time!

Remember that to change, switch, or activate utilities takes time! Make sure to do it in advance! If you have to switch offer (meter already there) it takes 30 days. If you have to activate your energy or gas supply, it takes between 5 to 10 working days. If you have to install meters, it takes between 15 to 60 working days, according to the complexity of the work.

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