Documents Checklist for an Energy Contract in Italy

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Documents you may need to activate energy and gas in Italy
Documents you may need to activate energy and gas in Italy

You do not know which papers are required to activate utilities? Selectra, with this guide for foreigners, helps you identify all the documents you may need to activate your home energy or gas supply.

The first and most important document is the tax ID-number, aka Codice Fiscale. The tax-ID number represents citizens’ fiscal identity and is needed for any relations regarding public authorities and other administrations. The code is composed of a combination of 16 alphanumeric characters.

You need this code to stipulate any kind of contract and you can ask it via this form at Agenzia delle Entrate.

Tessera sanitaria

Second, you need your ID card or passport.

Third, you should have your data regarding your residence and home: If you are going to live in Italy permanently, you should have the certificate of residence that is given to you by the Municipality (Comune or City where you live). Wherever you came from a NON-EU country, you should apply for your residence permit (more information here).

It may take some time, so we suggest moving in advance.

Fourth, whenever you are stipulating a contract, you have to state your contact information, email address, personal phone number, and home address. Sometimes it is required to have an Italian phone number to activate offers.

Documents you may need for internet and mobile activations

Don’t you have an Italian phone number?

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Fifth, you should check the personal data of the former tenant if you want to switch offers. The data should all be indicated in the former energy or gas bill.

In the bill are also present the meter codes

  • the POD for electricity;
  • PDR for gas.

You can find both codes on the bill or the electronic display of your electricity meter. In any case, you should ask your landlord or agency to be 100% sure. Whenever you have localized all this information, you should also read the data.

Last, don’t forget to tell your bank account details, if you want to pay through direct debit (EU standard SEPA). Some suppliers accept foreign IBAN!

So whenever you want to switch or activate utilities, make sure you have the following documents with you.

Documents you may need for internet and mobile activations

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