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subscribe to an Italian energy offersubscribe to an Italian energy offer

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Glossary for power and gas utilities in Italian
Our glossary for power and gas utilities in Italian

If you are confused and documents are only Italian here it is a quick guide to help you!

  • ARERA - a.k.a. the Authority, the Italian regulatory body in charge of the electricity and gas sector, and the water distribution services
  • Allacciamento: the connection of power and gas network to your house to install a new meter
  • Autolettura: self-reading of the meter 
  • Assicurazione casa: home insurance
  • Assistenza: assistance
  • Bolletta: bill
  • Caldaia: boiler
  • Revisione Caldaia: Boiler maintenance
  • Cambio: the switch of your energy supplier
  • Codice Fiscale: tax-id code
  • Contatore: the meter
  • Contatore Moroso: meter blocked for late payment
  • Copertura: coverage  
  • Distributore: the distribution network operator
  • Elettrodomestici: household appliances 
  • Energia rinnovabile: renewable energy 
  • Fibra: optical fiber internet connection
  • Fornitore: supplier/ provider
  • POD:  an easy one, it's English! Point Of Delivery, i.e the identification code of your energy meter
  • PDR:  redelivery point. i.e. the identification number of your gas meter
  • Tariffe: pricing applicated to the power/gas supply
  • Voltaggio: voltage
  • Voltura: operation useful to change the name of the account holder

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Moving is a great opportunity to make positive changes. One of the best things you can do for the environment is to switch to renewable energy offers. That is the energy that is produced from renewable, green sources like solar panels, wind farms, and biowaste.

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